Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Very Confused

Can someone please explain to me the difference between eating a cupcake for breakfast vs a chocolate muffin??? Honestly they taste exactly the same.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Last week Cody and I, along with his parents and brother Logan went to Oregon. It was a much needed vacation and we all had so much fun! I'll recap our week for everyone...

Monday: Driving.... Driving... and more driving!! We seriously drove nonstop the whole way there! we had an occasional bathroom break or two, but other than that it was nonstop to oregon! My legs were so cramped. I'd say the highlight of that drive was when Codys dad called someone an "idiot fag retard". I laughed for a good 10minutes straight. We left around 8am and didn't get there till about 9pm.

Tuesday: We all woke up at the butt crack of dawn to go deep sea fishing. Something I was looking forward to. Seriously... I love to fish. Its probably the one and only creature I don't feel guilty about killing. I'm one of those people who catch the bugs in my house and let them free outside. Yeah i'm a freak. Anyways I caught about two fish before I started puking my guts out over the side of the boat. It was really stormy that day and the swells were like 10 feet high. I couldn't even open my eyes without getting the urge to puke. Pretty much the whole boat was throwing up. I saw two whales though so that was pretty cool. Cody ended up catching the rest of the fish and He also puked like 2 times. I stopped counting after 15... yum. More bait for the fish I guess.

Wednesday- Thursday: We were going to go fishing these two days but that was pretty much out of the question. So we basically just hung out and saw the sights of Newport. It was actually alot of fun. We went through the shops on the beach and went to Some 'Ripleys believe it or not' museum. It was actually pretty interesting. Fun Fact: The tallest man in the world was over 8 feet tall. interesting eh? I thought so. We also went to a lighthouse that overlooked the whole ocean. it was beautiful.

Friday- Saturday: These two days were basically driving to Portland and then Driving to Boise and then driving home. Yeah.. lots and lots of driving! It was a fun vacation and I can't wait to go back next year!

When Cody and I walked into our room in Boise this is what we found...... Um excuse me?

Friday, July 2, 2010


There is nothing like trying on a shirt in the dressing room and have it get stuck while trying to take it back off. I'm sure the image of me trying to get the shirt over my head without ripping it was priceless, and I would've been fine if my boobs were a size A. That was my main problem. I struggled for at least 3 minutes before I got it off. I ripped it in the process though. Don't worry, I put it back on the hanger like nothing happened. Yeah... i'm a rebel like that. The best part is that the shirt actually had a zipper in the back and I didn't notice until I got it back off. ..... boy i'm an idiot.