Sunday, October 23, 2011

50 Miles...

Yesterday I went and watched my sister Kenzie run a 50 mile race. 50 MILES!!!! I can't even run twenty feet without wanting to pass out. She started at 5:00 am and ended around 3:45 pm. I am very proud of her and a little jealous to be honest. How many people can say that they ran 50 miles straight????

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pet Peeves as of late....

I've noticed lately that I've turned into a nasty old hag these last few weeks. I'm blaming it on the out of control hormones but maybe I really am turning into a hag for reals. Who knows?? Anyways these are my pet peeves as of late. ..

#1: The one upper..... I absolutely hate when your telling a story and somebody has to ruin it with a better one. Drives me nuts. for example.... Me: "yeah I've had kidney stones before. They were really really painful." Other person: "You think that's bad.. Try having kidney stones while going through chemo." Me: "hmmmm.. Well I guess I can't top that one. (thanks for ruining my story.")

#2: Peoples unnecessary comments.... Why do people insist on saying things that are just random and inappropriate?? I swear when you become pregnant people think it's ok to say stupid stuff to you. for example...
a) "Wow Mckelle you sure are chunking out"
b) "your just getting poochier and poochier everyday"
c) (Three weeks before my due date) "your still here??!!"
d) "Look how big your getting"
It's comments like these that makes me want to go psycho and punch everybody in the face.

#3: I hate shopping at Walmart for two reasons.
Reason #1: People don't even look when they cross the street. They just go. They randomly appear out of nowhere and just walk right in front of you like they own the place. At least look when you cross the street people!
Reason #2: Why did Walmart build 30 checkout stands when they only open like 3 total??? I hate standing in line for an hour when I only have one item. Walmart sucks.

#4: It really bothers me when you can see ear wax coming out of someones ears. Apparently good hygiene isn't a priority to them. How hard is it to clean your ears every once in awhile eh??

I guess that's all for now.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Baby room

This is the babies room so far.... I still have some work to do on it though. It's hard to make a boys room look cute without it looking like a girls room. I still have some finishing touches to do but this is it :)